Academic Planning

Choosing Courses and Designing Your K-Plan

In Dean’s List, John Bader encourages students to “approach the curriculum like a great feast” because “sometimes it only takes an unintentional elective, taken just for fun, to unleash a cascade to a rich experience.” As you choose courses, keep the following criteria in mind. Strive for balance among the many options. You should select courses:

  • in an intended or declared major, minor, or concentration
  • in subjects you haven’t had a chance to explore
  • that complement each other (to explore connections)
  • that do not seem to complement each other (to discover connections)
  • that follow a personal interest

(The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011)

Follow the links below for questions to consider when choosing courses and designing your K-Plan. Think about your answers before meeting with your advisor and discuss them during Advising Days to help you achieve the desired outcomes of your K education. Note: many academic departments also have suggested course sequences posted on their websites.

First Years