Advisor Development and Training

Advising Lunches are held quarterly during 3rd week during common time (session runs from 11:00-11:45). All advisors and interested faculty or staff are invited to attend. We also hold an annual Advising Practicum in fall before the start of new student orientation. Specific topics will be announced at the beginning of each quarter on the Advising website and campus calendar. All advisor development and trainings focus on pertinent and relevant information related specifically to advising, in an interactive environment with plenty of opportunity to hear from colleagues.

A list of recent topics is provided below. If you would like more information about the session or copies of the materials, please contact Lesley Clinard.

  • Advising Students Interested in Pre-Med/Careers in Health: Things You Need to Know (Winter 2020 Lunch)
  • Advising Students Interested in STEM: New Things You Need to Know (Fall 2019 Lunch)
  • K Study Abroad and Away: Who Goes, Who Stays, and How Advisors Can Support ALL Students (Fall 2019 Practicum)
  • Advising Strategies for the Language Requirement and Beyond (Spring 2019 Lunch)
  • The Learning Commons: The Power of Peer Collaboration (Fall 2018 Lunch)
  • When Problems Go On and On (Fall 2018 Practicum)
  • Advising Students Outside Their Major (Spring 2018 Lunch)
  • Advising First Generation Students (Winter 2018 Lunch)