Advising Days Checklist

Before meeting with your advisees:

  • Post appointment times – in whatever format works best for you, e.g., sign-up sheet on door, through Outlook, Google calendar, etc.
  • E-mail your advisees asking them to sign up for appointments and telling them how to prepare.
  • Remind your advises to add multiple course options to their Course Plan in Student Planning before their appointments.
  • Suggest that they look for classes in departments that they haven’t had a chance to explore yet and that can help them develop the skills they need.
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors should also review their Progress (degree audit) in Student Planning.
  • Encourage your advisees to think about their experiences inside and outside of the classroom and how they fit with their plans and goals. How do their different experiences connect, move them in the direction they wish to head, gain skills for life after K, etc.?

While meeting with your advisees:

  • Discuss the above information, course selections, breadth and depth, progress towards their degree, co-curricular involvement, their K-Plan, etc.
  • See Choosing Courses and Designing Your K-Plan for a detailed list of suggested questions for each class year.
  • Clear your advisee to register by submitting “Advisement Complete” in Student Planning via Hornet HQ. Be sure to do this while your advisees are in your office – it’s easy to forget.
  • Remind your advisees that they should register during their assigned time period (lasting from their specific appointment time until 4:00pm the following day). If they don’t, they will not be able to register until drop/add begins.