Placement Exams

Placement exams in languages, math, and chemistry must be completed online by June 15*. Completing placement exams is the first step in the course registration process. Directions for which exams you are required to take are listed below.

*NOTE: You may have received a mailing that listed June 30 as the placement exams due date, which unfortunately was an error in printing. The due date is June 15 in order to have your scores available before registration in July. If you did not complete the exams by June 15, you should still complete them as soon as possible.

You will need your KNET username (K21xx## format) and password to access the exams. Find them on your Applicant Status Page.

  • Languagesrequired for everyone who has taken previous language courses in, has any prior instruction in, or is a native speaker of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, and/or Spanish, even if you do not plan to continue studying the language at K.
  • Mathrequired if you think you might major in business, economics, math, the natural sciences (biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, 3/2 engineering), follow a pre-med/pre-health track, or plan to take a calculus course.
  • Chemistryrequired if you think you might major in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology, follow a pre-med/pre-health track, or plan to take a chemistry course.

If you are undecided or unsure of what you might major in, you should complete the math, chemistry, and applicable language(s) exams. Taking the placement exam does NOT obligate you to further studies in that area. The results of the placement exams will tell you at what course level you would begin your studies at K.

Accessing Your Placement Exam Results
All placement exams taken before the deadline will be graded after June 15 and scores will be available in July before you register. Results for exams taken after June 15 will be available at orientation.

Results can be found in Hornet HQ on the “Test Summary” link under the Academics tab. The placement exam score is the course you have placed into, should you choose to continue taking classes in that area at K.
Accessing and Interpreting Your Exam Results
AP/IB Course Equivalencies

Languages – Ms. Magnolia Little
Math – Ms. Kristen Eldred
Chemistry – Dr. Jeff Bartz
General questions – Registrar’s Office (269-337-7204)